codecanyon - Fast Watermark Plugin for WordPress 2015-06-06

codecanyon - Fast Watermark Plugin for WordPress

  1. HitchcocK

    WordPress Watermark Processor plugin can add unlimited number of watermarks (text/image) to ANY image available on the host. This is the only plugin on the market which has native support for «NextGEN Gallery». But the coolest thing is called «Custom Images». This feature allows to build rules for catching and processing absolutely any image on the server! Finally it becomes possible to create really amazing and complex watermarks using multiple positions, dynamic size, rotating, transparency (implemented really well), live preview, filters and much more. «Batch Watermarking» is a handy tool which helps to add watermarks to the images located in specified directory. This watermark plugin has a caching system and optimized for high loads.

    WordPress - Fast Watermark Plugin for WordPress | CodeCanyon

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