codecanyon - JS News Joomla Modul 2015-06-06

codecanyon - JS News Joomla Modul

  1. HitchcocK

    Please follow these steps to install JS News to your joomla 2.5 site.

    1. Preparing step:
    - Extract the file to your computer and select joomla version to install.

    2. Install component (for joomla 2.5)
    - Go to your site administrator section;
    - Select "Extensions"->"Install/Uninstall"
    - In "Upload Package File" block, please install all extensions bellow:
    + Module/mod_js_news 1.0.0 (this is a required extension, it is a JS News module core)
    - plg_system_js_loadjquery.

    3. Configuration
    - Select "Extensions"->"Module Managment"->"JS News Module"
    + Select the Module display position.
    + Allow Module display: Tag "Enabled " select "Yes" or "No".
    + Set the configuration for module ,or take default value.
    - Go to "Extensions"->"Plugin Manager"->"System - jQuery Library" then.
    + Enable plugin then "Save"

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