codecanyon - Math Pop 2015-06-06

codecanyon - Math Pop

  1. HitchcocK

    A fun and addicting math game. Pop the balloons to add up Your Number. The goal is to match the Star Number without going over. It’s game over if you add Your Number too high, run out of move points, or run out of time.

    When you match the Star Number, you get some bonus score points. The Star Number is increased, the timer is reset, and Your Number is set to zero for the next round. You also get some extra move points.

    • Built with Phaser!
    • Simple click/touch controls.
    • Game scales for any screen!
    • 960×640 Native Resolution!
    • Game difficulty progression!
    • Configuration options!
    • PSDs Included!
    HTML5 - Math Pop | CodeCanyon

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