codecanyon - Moza Slider Version 1.1 2015-06-06

codecanyon - Moza Slider Version 1.1

  1. HitchcocK

    Moza Slider is a jQuery slider plugin, it support unlimited slides, unlimited elements on a slide and unlimited animations on a element. Special It can pause and resume all animation on all elements. Moza Slider is working with jQuery 1.8+

    • Responsive design.
    • Unlimited slides on the slider.
    • Support 2d and 3d transitions for slides (156 transitions)
    • Unlimited element on each slide.
    • Unlimited animation on each element.
    • Support animation pause & resume on all element.
    • Lazy loading images for beter performance
    • Embeb with youtube and vimeo video.
    • Work with all modern browser IE9+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera.
    • Work with PC, Taplet and Mobile
    • Keyboard navigation
    • Free updates & support

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