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  1. HitchcocK

    PHPAdminPro is a powerful application and it have all feature of PHP SCRUD Data Management Tool. It help you to create a admin site without writing a single line of code.

    How to create a component ?
    Please see on php-admin-pro-create-component on Vimeo

    Quick start
    1) go to Table manager on Tools menu to create the table.
    2) Access Component builder on Tools menu to create component for the table is create above (you can create many component for a table) .
    3) In Component builder click ‘build’ button to build component by drag and drop.
    4) Access Permissions manager on User menu to set permission for components .
    5) Finished, Access component on Components menu to enjoy it.

    • No need to write code
    • Drag And Drop Form Component builder
    • Goup components
    • Group permissions
    • User permissions
    • You can make permission for only access their own records
    • User management
    • Language management
    • Setting management
    • Components management
    • Upload image and file
    • CKeditor support
    • Join tables
    • Easy to use
    • Anti sql inections
    • Anti-XSS
    • Anti-CSRF
    • Auto Sortable columns
    • Auto Pagination
    • Customizable number of records per page
    • Easy config the type of the field including Textbox, Date,Datetime, Autocomplete, Textarea, Editor, Checkbox, Radio, Selectbox by drag and drop
    • Easy definition validate
    • Editor, datepicker and datetimepicker support
    • Use Twitter bootstrap Framework

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