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codecanyon - SEO Studio - Tools for Search Engine Optimization

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    A complete set of SEO tools useful for tracking progress and improving ranking. Install it on your website today without any hassle, and no databases required.

    Top Features

    Search Engine Optimization Tools
    Utilize over 30 tools to optimize, check, and analyze your websites. You can even offer these tools to your clients or visitors to use on their own websites.

    User Management
    Allow visitors to sign up, and assign them to a group. Groups choose which tools visitors can use. You can create new users and groups.

    Visitor Tracking
    Curious what websites your visitors are entering into the tools? SEO Studio records the URLs they enter and shows it to you conveniently in the admin panel.

    Want to provide service for customers who speak other languages? SEO Studio allows you to easily translate into multiple languages from the admin panel.

    Add your own ad banners from Google AdSense, Buy Sell Ads, DoubleClick, and more. These ads will appear on almost every front-end page.

    More Features
    • Runs without a database, using file databases
    • Embed tools onto your own website via HTML
    • Responsive design with Bootstrap 3
    • Complete admin panel for ease of use & configuration
    • Optionally collect email addresses from users who sign up
    • Optionally require new users to confirm their email address
    • Add Google ReCAPTCHA for spam protection
    • Easily integrate Google Analytics

    Here’s a list of the included tools. The most popular tools are bolded.
    • Check Backlinks
    • Compare Backlinks
    • Check Competition
    • Estimate PageRank
    • Compare PageRank
    • EDU Backlinks
    • GOV Backlinks
    • Google SERP Position
    • Keyword Density
    • Generate Keywords
    • Clean Keywords
    • Extract Meta Tags
    • Generate Meta Tags
    • Generate Robots.txt
    • Generate Sitemap
    • Website Speed Test

    • My Browser Details
    • Responsive Check
    • Check Headers
    • Obfuscate Email
    • Analyze Links
    • Get Source Code
    • Get Webpage Size
    • Ping Test
    • My IP Address
    • Website IP Address
    • Spider Preview
    • Whois Lookup
    • Indexed Pages Lookup
    • Blog Backlinks Lookup
    • Blacklist Lookup

    Please ensure your server meets the following requirements before purchasing:
    • PHP 5.4 or newer
    • PHP CURL
    • PHP JSON
    • PHP Safe Mode Disabled
    • SuPHP Enabled (highly recommended)

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