codecanyon - ZqDatagrid - Queryless datagrid 2015-06-06

codecanyon - ZqDatagrid - Queryless datagrid

  1. HitchcocK

    Fully management datagrid that synchronizes information with your database tables, without needing for you to write any SQL line.
    Easy to use but still providing flexibility if you need (over 20 parameters).
    MySQL natively, and Oracle, PostGres and SQL server via ODBC.
    Full-text search feature.
    You use formatters to configure columns. Like “WYSIWYG”, “calendar”, “checkbox”, “input”, “file”, etc.
    If you want you can use custom formatters too, pointing to your own functions.
    8 CSS themes and PSD files included so you can create your own ones.
    The action buttons (up, down, delete, etc) can be configured to appear on left or right of grid data.
    Special image upload style, so you can easily manage image directly on the datagrid.
    Multiple PHP and JS callbacks so you can extend the datagrid behavior to your own needs.

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