NULLED DataLife Engine v.10.5 Final Release 2015-06-13

DataLife Engine v.10.5 Final Release

  1. PyTh@n
    We have been prepared and implemented the following changes:

    1. Added new system tree comments to the news. This comment system, allowing visitors to respond to specific individual comments, and print comments to the news in the form of a tree. This comment system included in the admin panel settings yet. At the same time you can also specify the maximum level of nested comments. When you turn the system on site, we recommend that you also pay attention to this parameter setting, the number of comments per page. In the case of tree-like comments, it will be exactly the number of parent comments on the same page, and the real number of comments with the embedded answers can be more.

    2. To display the template Comments (comments.tpl) added a new tag [reply] text [/ reply], which displays the text in them, by reference to the opening pop-up window to respond to the comment, if enabled tree comments and if it is disabled inserts username selected commentator in the form of adding comments.

    3. O template Comments (comments.tpl) added new tags [treecomments] text [/ treecomments], which displays the text enclosed in them, if the tree included the comments in your script. And also added tags [not-treecomments] text [/ not-treecomments], which displays the text enclosed in them, if the tree turned off comments. These tags allow webmasters to create more flexible templates that will be displayed in different ways depending on the settings of the script in this matter.

    4. To display the template Comments (comments.tpl) added a new tag {replycount}, which displays the number of available responses to the comment.

    5. In setting the script of control, adds the ability to disable the editor for comments and personal messages. In the event of a power editor, users will not be able to use any decoration when you add comments, but can only write text. It also turns off all processing of BB tags and hand-writing will not have any effect, except for one tag quotes "quote", which is necessary for the functioning of the citation and the responses to comments and personal messages. This feature will be useful to webmasters that want to minimize the chances of formatted text comments and personal messages.

    6. In setting the script of control, adds the ability to include a mode of rapid response to a comment. With this mode, the response to the comment is not entered in a separate pop-up window, and displays a simplified form of an answer to a comment, just below the comment. Also requested a minimum set of data required, on and off the editor to reply to a comment. In other words, the main comment may be published fully using formatting, and replies to it in the simplified form.

    7. reducing the load on the MySQL database when viewing comments to the publications on the site.

    8. The complete redesign of the standard BBCODES editor adminpaneli. He's got a modern design, the decor adminpaneli. For buttons were used vector fonts, which makes the contrast button and a good read on monitors having a high pixel resolution and scaling in the OS.

    9. Added support for the new template file for output loaded and attached to the news files. Name of the new template file: attachment.tpl, in which you can select a design to display attachments. Thus you can flexibly specify any visual design of the tag [attachment = ...] that you use when you insert into the text of the news.