FileRun Web File Manager 2015-06-06

FileRun Web File Manager

  1. PyTh@n
    Prepare to be amazed
    The following list doesn't even begin to cover how cool FileRun is.

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    Enhanced HTML5 Uploads
    • Upload large files (larger even than 10GB).
    • Upload folders! Yes, you can upload entire folder structures. Without zipping!
    • Upload by drag&drop.
    • Resume interrupted large uploads.
    • No need to reconfigure your server for it.
    • Upload zip archives and extract them on the server.
    • Transfers are automatically resumed after network loss.
    • Multiple files can be uploaded simultaneously. This saves time with smaller files.
    • Provides information on the transfer speed and time remaining for each file.
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    Enhanced Downloads
    • Download files of unlimited sizes.
    • Download folders! Yes, you can download entire folder structures. No waiting for zipping process!
    • Download cart for downloading selected files from multiple folders in a single action.
    • Resume interrupted downloads.
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    Direct Links to Files and Folders
    • Protect them with passwords.
    • Limit the number of downloads.
    • Set expiration dates.
    • Stream audio or video through them.
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    Send Files by E-mail
    • Directly from the FileRun user interface.
    • Receive notifications on downloads.
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    Internal Folder Sharing
    • Share folders directly with each FileRun users.
    • Control access type.
    • Share with predefined groups of users.
    • Access the shared folders via WebDAV.
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    Photo Galleries
    • Turn any folder with one click.
    • Large and small thumbnails.
    • Lightbox
    • Slideshow
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    File Labels
    • Predefine list of colorful labels.
    • Customized labels.
    • Search files by labels.
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    File Comments
    • Attach discussions to files.
    • Receive notifications about posted comments.
    • Search files by their comments.
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    File Metadata
    • Attach various information to files
    • Automatically extracts media information:
      • Resolution.
      • IPTC and EXIF author, description, keywords.
      • GPS location.
      • Codecs and audio and video formats.
    • Sort files by metadata.
    • Search files by metadata.
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    Search Files
    • By name
    • By content
    • By metadata
    • By comments
    • By labels
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    Automated File Versioning
    • Restore previous versions.
    • Lock files from changes from other users.
    • Works with WebDAV as well.
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    Folder-Based E-mail Notifications
    • Choose which folder.
    • Choose which actions.
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    Activity-Based E-mail Notifications
    • Choose which users.
    • Choose which actions.
    • Choose which recipients.
    • 70+ monitored actions.
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    Real-Time Notifications
    • Check activity logged inside specific folders.
    • Real-time notifications.
    • Audio alert.
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    Instant Screenshot Sharing
    Press the "PRNT SCRN" button on your computer's keyboard and then CTRL+V (Paste) inside FileRun, to automatically upload the screen capture and get a link to the image file, to share it online.

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    Mobile Version
    • Touch friendly.
    • Audio and video streaming for supported types.
    WebDAV Access
    • Access the files from the computer's file explorer.
    • Use for file backup or synching.
    • No third-party server requirement.
    • No server configuration needed.
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    User Registration System
    • FileRun can be used as an online service, providing the users with the option of registering themselves for user accounts.
    • Users can be required to validate their e-mail accounts to complete the registration process.
    • You have full control over the set of options and permisions the users will have.
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    High Security
    • 2-Factor Authentication.
    • CAPTCHA for the user registration.
    • Full-option password policy manager.
    • Cross Site Scripting (XSS) protection.
    • SQL injections protection.
    • Session Hijacking protection.
    • Brute force login attempts protection.
    • The users input is strictly validated to prevent access outside the allowed folders.
    • The files can be stored outside the public are of the webserver (ie. outside the "www" folder) so direct access to the files is impossible.
    • 100% support for HTTPS/SSL.
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    Play audio and video files
    • In the browser, no plugin required.
    • MP3, M3U, MP4, M4A, OGG, PLS and WAV audio files.
    • MP4, M4V MOV, MPG and FLV video files.
    • Skip ahead supported.
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    Read Documents
    • In the browser, no plugin required.
    • PDF, Office, AutoCAD and other document types.
    • Extract archives: "TAR", "TAR.BZ2", "TBZ", "BZ2", "TAR.GZ", "TGZ" and "JAR" archives and for "GZ" compressed files.
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    Create Documents
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    No Import Required
    • Manage files already existing on your web server disk.
    • FileRun does not store the files in the MySQL database.
    • Choose which directories to store files in.
    • Upload by FTP/WebDAV or any other method.
    • Backup with existing methods.
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    • 100% customizable user interface. You can easily edit the HTML, JavaScript and CSS code.
    • Plugins can be easily created by any PHP web developer for viewing or editing additional file type.
    • Plugins can also be created for performing complex tasks with the files, like encrypting, signing or publishing them to a social network website.
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    Authentication integration
    • Single-sign-on: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, CMS Made Easy
    • Authenticate against LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory
    • Authenticate against users databases stored in MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL, Oracle, IBM based users database, etc.
    Read more
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    User Activity Logs
    • Search for a particular action, date period, or user, or any combination.
    • Every action is logged, even the failed ones, for troubleshooting.
    • Export the logs for further analysis in your spreadsheet program.
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    File Activity Logs
    • Each file keeps a detailed record of what actions have been performed.
    • You can see when a file was created, modified, downloaded or when a user attached comments, metadata and weblinks to it.
    • The file activity logs cannot be modified by users, so you will always have access to each file's history.
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