Freelancer-Dashbaord v1.7 + Quickfix + Nulled 1.7


  1. voky
    Den Anhang 41358 betrachten

    Nulled Version 1.7 and QuickFix

    Fully working Updates

    Step to install: 
    1.7-Nulled and 1.7.1-quickfix-Nulled with fully working updates.
    Step 1
    Open .htaccess and edit (if installing in sub-folder)
    RewriteBase /
    Step 2
    Create a database and click on SQL
    found in resources folder open and copy content in 1_7_install.sql and paste it in the SQL box in the database and click run
    now do the same with upgrade_1.7.1.sql
    Step 3
    open - application/config/database.php and edit to your database settings.
    $db['default']['hostname'] = 'localhost';
    $db['default']['username'] = 'root';
    $db['default']['password'] = '';
    $db['default']['database'] = '';
    Step 4
    now go the your url and login with
    username - admin
    password - admin