Freelancer Office update 1.7


  1. voky
    You will need verion 1.6 installed before updating.
    This is the update file is untouched. NOT Nulled but will work with error message showing that it need verifying but still in working order.
    (I have nulled this but still cleaning up the files and will re-upload when ready) you can
    edit line 227 in application/libraries/applib.php to
    $pc ==(config_item('purchase_code') !='TRUE');
    to quick bypass untill I have updated the nulled version.

    Freelancer Office – Project Manager
    Freelancer Office is a Simple and convenient web based project management and time tracking tool for managing projects, setting tasks and monitoring your work

    Version 1.7
    - Added: Greek translation
    - Added: Russian translation
    - Added: A new translator, which allows users to easily translate the script
    - Added: 2checkout payment gateway
    - Added: Support for multiple currencies and currency per client
    - Added: Timer indicators on top bar (navbar)
    - Added: Timezone in settings
    - Added: Multiple line support in item descriptions
    - Added: Draggable/sortable invoice and estimate items
    - Added: Link management in the project (add links to every project)
    - Added: Link checker
    - Added: Activities can now be translated
    - Added: More mime types (e.g Open/LibreOffice and CorelDraw)
    - Added: System font setting
    - Added: Tasks displays when you invoice projects
    - Added: Archive for projects and tickets
    - Added: Create tasks while viewing milestone
    - Updated: Installation Process (completely rewritten)
    - Updated: Postmark library
    - Updated: Language control is now on the user level (system setting serves only as default for new users)
    - Updated: Project files section redesign
    - Updated: Login background image
    - Fixed: Many style issues
    - Fixed: Dateformat is now a dropdown
    - Fixed: Estimates options column on the wrong side
    - Fixed: Comma at the end of "assigned user" in project overview
    - Fixed: Removed scrollsbard on auto-resizing
    - Fixed: Autologin causing redirection loop
    - Fixed: Database backup (for mysali)
    - Fixed: PayPal IPN
    - Fixed: Some missing translation strings
    - Fixed: Favicon support for .png
    - Fixed: Settings bug, where alert settings are overridden by general e-mail settings
    - Fixed: Many invoice/estimates bugs
    - Fixed: Invoice bug if more than 10 invoices are created
    - Fixed: Logo size on invoice overview page
    - Fixed: Cookie Setting which leads to a "Too many redirects" issue
    - Fixed: Updater not working on server with allow_url_fopen = false
    – Fixed: Adding project task displays milestones from all projects
    – Fixed: Estimates notes field needs to be changed to TEXT
    – Fixed: Project history no task title
    – Fixed: Staff permission (View_all_projects appears twice)
    - Fixed: Unicode character support in pdf files
    - Fixed: Edit template while sending invoices/estimates
    - Fixed: Date sorting in dataTables
    - Fixed: Date i18n and the inconsistencies in the formatting
    - Fixed: Errors in uploads because of mime type mismatch