NULLED Lara Admin theme 7.4.2 with Staff Chat Addon 7.4.2

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    L ARA is a WHMCS Admin theme, using the open source AdminLTE package. The theme comes with tons of options, beside the good looks.


    EXCLUSIVE FEATURE | The Only WHMCS Admin Theme With Google Analytics
    Check All Your Google Analytics Metrics Without Leaving Your WHMCS Admin Area

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      Visualizes the Relation Between Traffic & Sales Figures

      Without leaving your WHMCS admin area, check user sessions, countries, operating systems and other Google Analytics metrics. Starting from WHMCS v7.1, the widget integrates orders and revenue, giving you a complete view of your system.

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      Countries with most visitors

      Statistical information about the traffic that comes to your website from each country. You can also zoom into the map for more details per country.

    • [​IMG]
      Browsers & Versions

      This is an important peice of information when you want to make sure that your site works seamlessly on all browsers

    • [​IMG]

      Detailed information about the languages spoken by your website visitors, and their percentage.

    • [​IMG]
      Operating Systems & Versions

      So, are you getting more traffic from desktop computers, or mobile devices? And from what versions?, now you can easily find out.

    • [​IMG]
      Screen Resolutions used to view your website

      Overview of screen resolution statistics, help you better optimize your website for different screen sizes

    • [​IMG]
      Keywords, provided by Google Search Console

      See keywords, and their ranking on Google search .. all in one place.

    • [​IMG]
      Traffic Source

      This helps your online marketing efforts, by providing an easy way to see websites sending you traffic, and their statistics

    • [​IMG]
      Pages visited

      Detailed figures about the number of times each page in your website was visited, and its visiting percentage among other pages
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      All Analytic Metrics, Right at Your Hand
      Intigrate the Whole 9 Analytic Metrics that Google provides, As well as a Detailed Visual and Descriptive Insight For each One of them

      Combined Graph for Orders, Income & Analytics
      Plot the Daily Number of Orders, Total Daily Revenue and the Relative Analytic Metric, All together on One Single Graph, Giving you a Perfect Overview of your Exposure & Sales Performance

      Interactive Zoomable Map
      Roll over the Map and it Pops Up the Number of Sessions per Country as you pass over. It also Renders Countries with Different Color Tones to Distinguish Session Volumes

    • [​IMG]
      Quick & Easy Setup with Express Mode
      Connect your WHMCS with your Google Analytics in 3 Easy Steps that take just a few seconds, without the need to create your own Google APP

      Interactive Pi Charts
      The interactive pie chart displays statistical information about main metrics categories like browser types, operating systems, screen resolutions and languages. It also displays in depth statistics about each category.

      Integrates Google Search Console
      The widget integrates Google Search Console to collect keywords, and their ranking on Google search

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      Customizable Time Range for Each Analytic Metric
      You can easily customize the time range to display for any given metric. The ranges include some preset ranges like the "last 30 days", "last week", "this month" and "last month", as well as an interactive calendar to easily select any time range of your choice.
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    In-Menu Search
    EXCLUSIVE FEATURE | The Only Admin Theme With Search In Menu
    Easily Find Any Section Or Link In WHMCS Menu
    Menu items adapts instantly with what you type
    Just start typing, and the menu automatically changes the listed links according to what you have entered, giving you and quick access to the menu sections and sub sections

    The menu items change instantly accourding to what you type

    Intelligent Search
    Quickly search the entire WHMCS database
    Instantly search for anything, in everything !
    Just type anything, even a few letters or numbers, and the system intelligently searchs the entire WHMCS database, including ticket numbers, invoice numbers, order IDs, customer names/emails, domain names, cities , etc.

    Toggle quick-search on and off
    Since quick-search can affect performance, specially when you have a very large client base, You can toggle the quick-search Option On or Off according to your needs.


    Staff Chat Widget
    BONUS ADDON | Free For A Limited Time Only
    Initiate chat with staff members directly from the admin interface
    Multilingual support
    You can chat with multiple languages including chinese, russian, arabic, japanese, hindi, etc.

    Features sound notifications
    The widget features sound notifications for new messages



    The Top Notification Bar presents up-to-date information about the most important aspects in the system. This helps you get the whole picture and act quickly and effectively

    Menu Notifications
    BOOSTED PERFORMANCE | Features a Fast Tickets-Counting Algorithm
    Detailed Notifications from Orders, Billing & Support Sections
    Get the whole picture with one look
    The menu shows various notification from many sections; like the number of open tickets, pending orders, overdue invoices.

    Features fast & acurate tickets-count
    The theme now features a better algorithm for counting tickets, and including the numbers on every page.

    Color-coded notifications for better interpretation
    The notifications are given different colors according to their priority


    The number of widgets per row changes automatically according to your screen size

    You can minimize the right and left menus for a full width layout

    Thanks to the new combined assets system, which combined all required scripts and css files into 2 files only, the loading time has decreased dramatically !

    The interface runs smoothly on all devices, specially small mobile devices with limited resources

    Custom user menu, with quick links and notifications area

    Allowing the page contents to scroll while the side menus are fixed

    12 Different Colorful Skins
    Enjoy 12 color-full skins for every taste, all applied with a click of a button !

    Move, Resize & Close Widgets
    The Interface features the ability to move, close and resize widgets according to your needs

    Custom CSS & Javascript
    Easily apply your custom modifications without the need to edit the theme files directly

    Source Code

    100% source code provided. No encoded/encrypted files


    Without the need to edit any files, easily customize the logo of your WHMCS admin interface


    Each admin will have his/her own gravatar icon

    New Permissions Management

    Control all of the theme settings from one page, including admin groups permissions

    Dedicated Menu For Settings
    Providing easy access to advanced search, skins managment, home page widgets and layout options

    Dashboard Customization
    Easily choose which widgets to display on your dashboard


    12 Months FREE
    Updates & Support

    12 Months of Free updates and support. Including new features, bug fixes and WHMCS Updates.

    Compatable With
    Lastest WHMCS

    Compatible with the latest WHMCS, including the most recent versions, from V6.3.0 to v7.4.x

    Continuous Improvements
    + New Added Features

    We continiously work on adding new features and enhancing already existing ones

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