Larke File uploader script V3 2015-06-06

Larke File uploader script V3

  1. PyTh@n

    Setup (translate)
    Rar files in one I eat at ftp
    2-SQL, MySQL sql file inside the folder at the
    Edit config.php in 3-inculides.
    rar pass-larke
    features (translate)
    1-multi-file upload
    2-membership system
    3-file private or public setting
    In particular-only users can access
    Anyone can access the file Genelde-
    4-admin panel
    5-uploaded file is mp3 downloads pane, playback capability
    6-uploaded files to mp4, flv, 3gp, avi files, the playback feature
    Viewing pictures from the download section 7-uploaded files (new v2)
    8-uploaded files display section is designed as a more simple and elegant (new v2)
    9-rules section added (new v2)
    10-admin panel easily accessible location added (new v2)
    11-Very nice sharing buttons added (new v3)
    12-uploaded files comments (new v3)

    Demo: Files Share - Larke
    mariusc und schattenkrieger48 gefällt das.