safeguard-pro-most-advanced-website-protection 2015-06-13

With SafeGuard Pro you can protect your website from many threats.

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    SafeGuard Pro

    With SafeGuard Pro you can protect your website from many threats.

    If you want you can also log this threats and review them in the admin panel.

    You can redirect blocked threats to a custom page for example a access denied page.
    You may saw one simmilar product on CodeCanyon? That product does only detect a very low amount of insecure proxys, and does not detect VPNs at all. That product also uses a simple word filter to detect SQL injections, which will resulte in a high amount of “false positives” which means that you may ban legit users.

    SafeGuard Pro blockst most of the proxys and VPNs.

    It detects SQL Injections based on a complex pattern system. That will result in no “false positives”.

    There is also a complex system to automatically detect XSS attacks.

    Want to automatically ban those threats? You can do that as well.

    SafeGuard Pro comes with an CloudFlare integration which allows you to automatically sync bans and/or auto-bans with CloudFlare.

    We created a very easy to use installation wizard to make the installation as easy as possible. There is no need to import SQL files.

    Sometimes you need to has a password, or to create a new one. Thats why we included some tools. They will help you to get your work done faster.

    • Proxy Detector and Blocker
    • VPN Detector and Blocker
    • SQLi Protection (SQL Injection)
    • Cross-Site Scripting Protection (XSS)
    • Spammer Protection (Spam Database)
    • DDos (Mass requests)
    • Fully featured Admin panel
    • Enable logging for the desired threats
    • Redirect blocked threats to a custom page
    • Block the IP threat’s ip address
    • CloudFlare integration
    • Sortable Logs
    • Many details for the blocked threat
    • Enable/Disable the desired protection
    • Enable/Disable the desired logs
    • Enable/Disable the desired auto-bans
    • Ban IPs
    • Ban Countries
    • Ban ISPs (Internet Service Providers)
    • Sync bans/auto-bans with CloudFlare
    • Hash Generator
    • Password Generator
    • Easy to use Installation Wizard
    • Very easy to use – Just include one file
    • Easy to understand documentation
    • Well documented code
    • Nice and clean UI